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Entrance hall

When crossing the entrance of the impressive, yet stylistically reduced façade, a completely new world emerges. The entrance hall, with the surrounding gallery, is the hub of this house as various paths through the house branch out from here. The staircases are reminiscent of old walls and give the room a timeless ambience.

A glass dome opens above the observer standing in the middle of the little hall, under which the gallery presents itself and from which several doors branch out. For the glass roof of the dome, a Korean artist worked out an installation made of large, copper wire and fabric, semi-translucent leaves, absorbing and dimming direct light. The wraparound balustrade has been embellished with rambling lianas and arabesques – a theme which makes various metal works in the house come alive in a very artistic way.

The prestigious living room

The central living and dining area opens up in a curved, harmonious design to a total height of four metres. On the one hand, an orchestrated stage, on the other hand with intimate corners, it allows for the holding of social get-togethers, or simply for cosy evenings with guests or friends in a private atmosphere. The special ambience of the curved rooms and the open fireplaces, convey both privacy and a representative space in a very special way, while offering various retreats for creative thinking relaxation.

Artistic, inlay-like wooden flooring, with every part drawn by hand and elaborately crafted in its form, exemplify – just like the impressive wooden doors to the garden – the extraordinary individualism and sophistication of all the materials used in this estate.

Spa pool landscape

Breathtaking luxury is also offered by the huge spa and pool landscape with waterfall and futuristic glass dome in the basement adjoining the large atelier; a haven of serenity and relaxation opens up here. Milky blue and soft shades of green pervade the expansive, glass-refracted water world which features a steam bath, a counter current system, as well as an exclusive Jacuzzi.

The colour concept

The various colours play an important role throughout the entire house. Sudden colour transitions have been avoided. The various colour nuances of the individual rooms have been picked in a harmonious and themed way. The colour design of the walls has been thought out particularly well. From the bottom to the top, the colours brighten up in order to give the impression of more light.