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The first impression is fascinating; the solid curved exterior walls carry an oversized round roof construction, which has been planted all over with bushes, plants and little trees. Thus, the building not only blends perfectly into the landscape, but it also seems to melt into it. The monumental roof with its gardens transforms the house into a hideaway habitat, while the purist white walls underscore its sculptural character.

Seeing this may make you think of Le Corbusier’s chapel in Ronchamp, which is not at all wrong. Art nouveau artists like Antonio Gaudi and Victor Horta are cited as well. Every element in this house is an expression of an organic language of form. Even the windows which occasionally penetrate the wall of the entrance façade do not compose a right angle. Instead, they are slightly curved to the outside on their hinges, which makes you inclined to think that the house is breathing through this opening.