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The generously arranged garden has been developed step by step, just like the house. Nothing has been drafted on the drawing board, but rather one part created the next. Everything had to be natural.

Curving paths lead from the house into and through the garden. They are lit by knee-high, metal arch lights which spring up from the ground like seedlings. It is a place of conversation, peace and pausing.

The trees have been integrated into the planning of the layout of the house and serve as valuable shade and a cosy “awning” for the terraces. A swimming pond with water fountains promises a nice cooling-off during the hot summer months in which the large spa area under the futuristic looking glass dome is hardly used.

The adjoining walls to the neighbouring plots have been carefully and harmoniously planted, so that the delineation underneath is made invisible, allowing the owner of this extraordinary property to enjoy the highest level of privacy.